Øjne “Undici/Dodici” 12″ EP


PIKE005 | Release: 2013-12-11

Screamo from Milan, Italy

10 years anniversary repress of Øjne’s Debut EP “Undici/Dodici” for friends of Italian screamo. If you like Raein or La Quiete, this is one for you.

Listen: Øjne Bandcamp

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“Here we have some classic Screamo from the Italian school. These lads certainly aren’t breaking the mold or straying far from that well-worn path, but when you are creating music this timeless, it doesn’t really matter. These songs do exactly what they are supposed to do. Drawn-out rhythms building to that heart-wrenching crescendo layered over some haunting ethereality while the singer decimates his vocal chords screaming about hope, heart and the fragility of life and love. Actually, the lyrics, which are entirely in Italian, when translated, are rather cryptic. As it should be. Personal, political, poignant and perfectly executed. It would probably be pointless for me to make comparisons here. If you know how easy it is for the Italians to create mind-bending Screamo, you already know you are going to enjoy this. I don’t think I need to sell anyone on this record. Think Raein, Think La Quiete, think about your favorite Skramz bands and get ready to add another to the list!” (Remember Our Dumb Luck?, 2013-09-26)

Pressing Info:

  • 1st Press (sold out)
    • 250 black copies
    • 150 clear copies
    • 50 mixed copies
  • 2nd Press – 250 blue marbled copies (sold out)
  • 3rd Press by Through Love & Shove Records – black vinyl

1st and 2nd press records are hand numbered

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