Øjne “Prima Che Tutto Bruci” LP


Screamo from Milan, Italy

After an EP and 2 split 7″s, Øjne released their first full length “Prima Che Tutto Bruci”. They kept their energetic and inspiring sound that reminds me a lot of bands like Raein or La Quiete. This is the 3rd press of this record on Black Vinyl.

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“… Perhaps the most important aspect of Ojne that makes them so damn refreshing is the passion they put into their craft. Acts with comparable level of emotion such as Loma Preita, Barrow, and State Faults have become imprints in the underground skramz community for leaving behind some truly emotional works of art, and Ojne looks to carry on that torch. Within the first minute of the album the band not only introduces incredible throat shredding vocals and an intense atmosphere, but crescendos it out immediately into a chaotic furry of black metal drumming and post-rock guitars. Its one of many moments that leave a sense of shock and awe, and one that is later built upon by the song’s For Meg esque ending (which is ***ing gorgeous). Yet if this was an album about moments, then there would be far too many to list, because for every moment of past skramz albums where you have that one song of absolute brilliance (see Ostraca’s Nasuea, Merchant Ship’s Sleep Patterns, and The Saddest Landscapes’s The Temptation that is You) you have the mediocrity that surround it. That is not present here. Each song is its own entity, none of which sound nearly similar aside from the genre that binds them together …” please read the full review on Sputnikmusic

Pressing Info:
Third Press on Black vinyl

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