Herïda / Tarsius Tarsier Split LP


Crust from Segovia and Madrid, ES

Listen: Herïda Bandcamp

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“Total Crust Devastation! If you like atmospheric, dark and melancholic crust, look no further. This split LP is packed to the brim with intensity and desperation. Mixing melodic D-beat crust with elements of screamo, black metal and post-hardcore, both Herïda and Tarsius Tarsier proves that the legacy of bands such as Madame Germen and Ekkaia lives on.” (Punkdistro)

Pressing Info:

Abnegat Records, Ojalä Me Muera Recoords, Dirty Guys Rock, We Love Asozial Records, Potato Records, Base Record Production, Hecatombe Records, Muerte Matar Records, Wargame Records, Basura Komercial, Seaside Suicide Records, Shove Records, Ciegosdesonido, Castrexo Punx Edicions, Incendiaria, Up The Punx, Sleepy Dog

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