Organa S/T LP


PIKE020 | Release: 2018-12-08

Crust Punk from Bielefeld, Germany

Debut LP of the Bielefeld based Crust Punk band Organa. It’s a single sided 12″ record with an etching on the B-Side.

Listen: Organa Bandcamp

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How desperate can a human be? And what does this desperation sound like? In the case of the Bielefeld band Organa it sounds like brutal yet melodic Crustpunk. The six songs on this four piece‘s first vinyl release remind you of the overwhelming restraints, the pressure and the problems of modern society.

On this debut, former and current members of bands like Unrest, Sømerset or Auszenseiter present you their distinctive musical socialization in round about 15 minutes. However, they never perpetuate stereotypes of this genre and surprise with constant twists and turns. The voice of singer Oliver, paired with the instrumentals, brings to mind the intensity of a train wreck. The LP was recorded at the Tonmeisterei in Oldenburg – the studio‘s longtime experience and unique style can be felt in every second.

If you are looking for the perfect sound for the upcoming winter you shouldn’t miss Organa.

Pressing Info:
250 copies on black vinyl
Etching on the B-Side
Download code included