70 cm³ of Your Chest “When I Was A Dinosaur” LP


Melodic Hardcore from Vilnius, Lithuania

“70cm3 of Your Chest is the volumina of blood an average adult heart pumps with one beat. It is also a crushing threepiece outfit from Vilnius, Lithuania (now living in Berlin) which plays heartfelt atmospheric music in the veign of The Tidal Sleep, Touche Amore and alikes.” (This Charming Man)

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“Some of us had emotionally hard times while writing ‘when I was a dinosaur’ – it was written in cooperation with pain, loss, childhood traumas and grief. In some sense it’s a tribute to the past and a lesson of letting go. Since it is pretty personal album and we are sure that many others can relate to the stories we tell, we are very happy we had a possibility to collaborate with Fabian from Sunsetter Recording Studio who did everything to make our vision happen. We had the best recording experience and we’re thankful that he kept it not only very professional but friendly and understanding as well.” (70 cm³ of Your Chest)

Pressing Info:
Clear vinyl w/ black smoke

This Charming Man, ZilpZalp Records, Flamingo Noise Records and Sunsetter Records

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