Ruined Families “Education” LP


Hardcore Punk from Athens, Greece

“Unavoidably marked by the lasting turbulence of the Greek condition, Ruined Families attempt to make the most out of a precarious present by putting frustration into words that speak the mind of contemporary youth.
Likely to appeal to fans of: Union of Uranus, Reversal of Man, Sonic Youth.” (Bis auf’s Messer)

Listen: Ruined Families Bandcamp

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“Formed in 2010, Ruined Families is a hardcore punk band based in Athens, Greece. Following two acclaimed LPs and a 7″, their new release is called ‘Education’ and features 10 songs spanning just over 17 minutes. Drawing elements from their previous work, ‘Education’ touches on 90s screamo, fast hardcore and post-punk.” (Bis auf’s Messer)

Pressing Info:
300 copies on red vinyl


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