Foxmoulder / Eaglehaslanded Split LP


Screamo / Emoviolence from Toronto (CAN) and St. Petersburg (RUS)

Canadian / Russian split LP with some powerful screamo / emoviolence / powerviolence. Toronto’s FOXMOULDER drop their 4 most mature and complete tracks that are tighter, heavier and more experimental. EAGLEHASLANDED blast through 7 songs with heavy nods to powerviolence such as Japan’s Tetola93 and Italy’s Storm{o}.

Listen: Foxmoulder Bandcamp / Eaglehaslanded Bandcamp


Pressing Info:
3 different screen printed covers all on black vinyl + lyric sheet:
* white print on blue cardboard
* black print on red cardboard
* red print on beige cardbord

Release Date: Aug 2015

Krimskramz, Zegema Beach Records, TRVS Records, Boslevan Records, Koepfen Rec, Mosh Potatoes, 0331 Records, Don’t Live Like Me Records, Désordre Ordonné

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