Duct Hearts “Feathers” LP


Emo / Post Rock / Ambient from Munich, Germany

“by placing their mid-90’s emo/diy roots into modern postrock soundscapes duct hearts create a mix that is cryptic yet simple, mysterious yet heart-on-your-sleeve, loud yet fragile, beautiful yet raw.” (time as a color)

FFO Elliott, Light Bearer, Arktika, Thrice, The Appleseed Cast

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“‚feathers‘, the band’s debut album, is versatile. different. in a good way. it’s one of these records that can grow on you, more and more with every listen. if you let it. consisting of 6 songs, clocking in just under 32 minutes, the record deals with thoughts on families, their dependencies, their safety and its influences on how they function, or often not function.” (time as a color)

Pressing Info:
180g black vinyl
black inner sleeves, heavy inside out cover, inlay sheet with lyrics and liner notes, download code

Time As A Color, Upwind Productions, Middle-Man Records, Strictly No Capital Letters, Friend Of Mine Records, Pundonor Records

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