continents. “…and silence anchored our feet in granite” 10” EP


PIKE002 | Release: 2012-06-09

Hardcore / Screamo from Dresden, Germany

Listen: continents. Bandcamp

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The sweet caress of paralyzing weltschmerz.
The long-awaited first EP of the hardcore / screamo band continents. is now underway and scheduled for release at the beginning of june. An independent effort in terms of recording, the 10″ will initially be available as a split release of Pike Records, Flood Records and Heads Down Records.
Stylistically, the band traverses various emotional climates, while coupling rampant intensity with profound musical precision. A comprehensive work which, while engaging both heart and mind with unrelenting severity, seeks to plunge into the depths of sentimental and intimate emotionality.
And so it is said that in the end, we are all left alone with our unfulfilled desires in the darkest abyss of the human psyche.
There is nothing else to be added to this.

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317 clear copies w/ hand-sewn cover
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