Autarch “The Light Escaping” LP


Crust Punk from Asheville, US

Second LP by the US based Crust Punk outfit Autarch. 6 songs of melodic crust. FFO: His Hero is Gone, Tragedy, Fall of Efrafa …

Listen: Autarch Bandcamp

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European pressing of the second LP from Autarch. 6 songs of sci-fi influenced emotive, melodic crust with themes of loss, resilience, and defiance in the face of ascendant fascism. FFO: His Hero is Gone, Tragedy, Morrow, Fall of Efrafa, Nux Vomica, Myteri, Agrimonia, Wretched of the Earth and Dark Circles.

Pressing Info:
* Repress
* 180g on gold vinyl

Release Date: Sep 20, 2019

Shove Records, Plague of Man Records, Nothing to Harvest Records, Les nains aussi

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