The Tidal Sleep / Svalbard Split 7″


Post Hardcore from Germany and UK

“It’s a double-dose of glittery yet aggressive post hardcore from Germany’s The Tidal Sleep and Bristol’s Svalbard on this extremely dense slab of wax. The two bands complement each other amazingly well making this a surprisingly cohesive release that betrays its split format.” (UK Scumscene)

Listen: The Tidal Sleep Bandcamp

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“Despite being a brief listening experience, this a brilliant split 7” that fans of post hardcore should not be sleeping on. Both bands put forward fantastic songs that are well worth your time and the production quality is magnificent throughout, making the entire release sound absolutely massive. Again, it’s wonderfully surprising that such a small release like this can contain such quality.” (UK Scumscene)

Pressing Info:
125 x clear (sold out)
475 x white

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