Orang Orang S/T 12″

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Hardcore Punk from Göttingen, GER

ORANG ORANG, consisting of members of the best bands that Göttingen / Bielefeld / Kassel have to offer, play a noisy weird & chaotic interpretation of hardcore / punk in the vein of early Ceremony or Trash Talk. What separates them from the mentioned is the incredible voice of the singer, that’s bursting of coolness and adds a good portion of manic pop to the music. The record will come as one-sided 12″ on orange vinyl in a screen-printed cover. This is the standard edition with black print on orange cardboard

Listen: Orang Orang Bandcamp

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Pressing Info:
one-sided 12″ on orange vinyl
screen-printed cover (black print on orange cardboard)

Contraszt! Records

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