SeeYouSpaceCowboy / secondgradeknifefight Split 7″


Emoviolence / Grindcore / Screamo from Los Angeles and Virginia, U.S.

Listen: SeeYouSpaceCowboy Bandcamp and secondgradeknifefight Bandcamp

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“After just a handful of releases so far, San Diego, California’s spastic, noisy sasscore / grindcore / screamo fusionists SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY have already a reputation for being astonishing songwriters and an insane and utterly captivating live band. Lucky for us sonic masochists, that spastic energy transfers with full chaotic glory to their newest split release with Virginia’s violent grind noise punks SECONDGRADEKNIFEFIGHT. Both new tracks we’re premiering below, SEEYOUSPACECOWBOY’s ‘Stop Calling Us Screamo’ and SECONDGRADEKNIFEFIGHT’s ‘Don’t Tell Me You Like The Police Cause I’ll Break Your Kneecaps Motherfucker’ burst with an intense crossover exploration that’s ominous, disturbing, unpredictable and vehemently enjoyable. Both acts sound sbetter than ever, so don’t miss out on their tremendous deliveries and keep your eyes peeled on both bands this year.” (Review by IDIOTEQ)

Pressing Info:
300 x black
200 x random trash

Miss The Stars Records, Zegema Beach Records, Dark Trail Records, Dingleberry Records, Longrail Records, R.I.P In Peace, Rakkerpak Records

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