Ruined Families „Blank Language“ LP


Hardcore Punk / Screamo from Athens, Greece

„A chaotic record that doesn’t quite know what it wants to be, genres are defied, rules are ignored, punk is alive.“ (Sparks and Nerves)

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„Concluding, on „Four Wall Freedom’s“ successor, Ruined Families attempt to push the limits and they pompously succeed. And when the record is done -about twenty minutes later- all that remains is a coherent idea that „Blank Language“ is an album that, if it doesn’t rise to an instant hit soon enough, it will take its time to emerge as a definite classic record to look back at in some years: a clairvoyant piece of art, which makes it only harder for Ruined Families to invent ways to surpass, in the future, the completeness met on this ever-explosive record.“ (Sputnik Music)

Pressing Info:
Repress on pink vinyl
205 copies