Please, Believe! „.​.​.​In Potential“ LP


Emo Punk from Dundee, UK

„‚…In Potential‘ is the debut full-length from Dundee emo-punks Please, Believe! and is an absolute tour de force of angular, outraged and righteous emotional post-hardcore. Please, Believe! was founded by members of the legendary and now defunct Scottish emo outfit Bonehouse, ready to take on their legacy. […] FFO The Appleseed Cast, Braid, The Casket Lottery, Fugazi.“ (I.Corrupt Records)

Listen: Please, Believe! Bandcamp


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Pressing Info:
300 copies on blue / green marbled vinyl

i.corrupt Records, Middle-Man Records, Boss Tuneage, Make-That-A-Take Records, Dirty Legs Recordings, Scully Records, Dasein Records, Tief in Marcellos Schuld Records

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