LICH / Resurrectionists Split LP


Powerviolence / Screamo from Kent, UK and Münster, GER

“RESURRRECTIONISTS / LICH. split 12” is out now and comes in a dark and rough gatefold cover with 4c print + copper screenprint on the front. you get 6 of the fastest and heaviest songs from RESURRECTIONISTS so far – recorded at the almighty tonmeisterei – and 11 minutes of brutal and mean bulldozer style powerviolence from LICH (w members of BATTLE OF WOLF 359 [<3])" (Bis Aufs Messer)

Listen: LICH Bandcamp / Resurrectionists Bandcamp

In stock


Pressing Info:

  • black vinyl
  • gatefold cover with copper fonts silkscreened on the front

Vendetta Records, React With Protest, Moment of Collapse Records, IFB Records

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