Laudare ‎”d.é.o.m.é” LP


Screamo / Black Metal / Post Rock from Leipzig, GER

“In fact, I don’t really know who the fuck they sound like, as they are most definitely their own entity.” (OPENmind / SATURATEDbrain)

Listen: Laudare Bandcamp



“‘d.é.o.m.é’, the debut offering from new Leipzig based experimental screamo act Laudare stands as significant work. This unique record has facets from across the spectrum of experimental, post rock, black metal and screamo music and offers a mind-bending lyrical sphere that’s both intriguing and mysterious.” (time as a color)

Pressing Info:
Limited Reissue on black vinyl with white labels. Housed in plain white cardboard sleeve with big center holes. Center holes are filled with burgundi velvet on the front side and tracklist on the backside.
Comes with 20p-illustration-book (similar to the book of the CD-r version) and small sheet with label infos.
Limited to 130 copies.

Trace In Maze, Time As A Color, Sunsetter Records, Dasein Records

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