Human Hands / The Blue Period Split LP


Emo / Indie from Birmingham & Nottingham, UK

„This is some UK emo of the first order. I’m talking 1995 Subjugation Records, Tree Records, Ida, Hated, September kinda emo. Both bands have a different take on the sound but both absolutely nail it. This is so refreshing – it brings me right back to being 17 and blasting Owltian Mia – I just keep flipping it over and over. Seriously if any of the aforementioned bands/labels means anything to you, then you absolutely cannot go wrong here. “ (IFB Records)

Listen: The Blue Period Bandcamp / Human Hands Bandcamp


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Pressing Info:
black vinyl

Time As A Color, IFB Records, Strictly No Capital Letters, Wolf Town DIY, Barely Regal Records, Discos Finu, Ruined Smile

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