Det Är Därför Vi Bygger Städer / Coma Regalia Split 7″


Screamo from Stockholm (SWE) / Indiana (US)

„Cleanly sung Swedish vocals and clear guitar melody belays the fact that Det är Därför vi Bygger Städer are a screamo band. It’s a unique and engaging sound that flows into the kind of violence that will be familiar if you’re a fan of the release from the labels involved. They’re not a one-trick band and on Alla Mina Vänner they show different sides and sound assured with it. Coma Regalia present what could be one of their longest ever songs with An Apology. Like their split mates, they’re restrained and explosive in equal measure. Swathes of indie, post-hardcore and screamo makes up the instrumental bedrock of their song, while the vocals also flit between cleanly sung and violent.“ (this noise is ours)

Listen: Bandcamp



Pressing Info:
clear / white / blue haze vinyl

Time As A Color, Middle-Man Records, Miss The Stars Records, Through Love Records, Zegema Beach Records, Samegrey Records, Ödebygd

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